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Through a network of authorized distribution companies, Royal Resorts sold an amazing 40,000 weeks in its first six years of operations, making it one of the most successfully marketed brands in Holiday Ownership history.

Such has been the demand for weeks that the product has been licensed for sale in some 25 different countries ranging from Russia to Taiwan, to Mauritius and Fiji. As a result of its worldwide appeal, Royal Resorts boasts one of the most diverse member bases in the world with its Holiday Owners living in no less than 100 different countries.

An interesting feature of Royal Resorts current sales strategy is ongoing sales to its existing members and visitors to the resorts.

Royal Resorts still has several sales companies marketing in big cities around the world but its primary focus is now on-site selling. The mark of a satisfied customer is someone who comes back for more and Royal Resorts is pleased that a large proportion of its early members have since decided to buy extra weeks, having visited the resorts, used the system and been overjoyed with the experience. Not only that but they bring their friends and family with them – there are now small communities who share a common bond in their Royal Resorts membership. The family that holidays together, stays together.

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At Royal Resorts, we aim to achieve the highest standards of customer service. But for us to be able to do this effectively, we need to hear from you. It is your feedback that drives change and improvement, ensuring that your holiday experience is always optimal. To make things simpler, we have created a simple Odyssey Customer Feedback form that can be completed within about five minutes. We'd be really grateful to hear from you

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